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Ningbo Zhongzao Die casting Die Co., Ltd. was established in April 2016. It is a professional die-casting mold maker, focusing on the design and manufacture of aluminum alloy die-casting molds.

We have established standardized service processes and mold development standards to quickly respond to customers' personalized needs. With a highly skilled team with rich industry experience and complete high-end processing equipment, we can significantly reduce mold manufacturing costs, shorten delivery cycles, and provide customers with competitive die-casting molds. We have always maintained an excellent advantage in the die-casting industry.

So far, our die-casting molds can be matched with 280T-4500T die-casting machines, providing over 2000 sets of die-casting molds to domestic and foreign customers, covering industries such as traditional automobiles, new energy vehicles, communication, lighting, industrial machinery, and home appliances.

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