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Product Collaborative Development

Product Collaborative Development

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Mold Design and Manufacture

Mold Design and Manufacture

2000+ molds design and manufacture experience

Sample Trial production

Sample Trial production

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One-stop Delivery

Die Castings One-stop Delivery

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Machining of die-casting parts

Machining of Die-casting Parts

High end CNC machining center

Classic Cases

New Energy Vehicles | SAIC MAXUS 【Suspension Brackets】
Porosity level l; Deformation <0.2mm per 100mm2; Cover die slider with pull-out structure at both ends ; Mosaic technology.
Fuel vehicles | Shanghai Volkswagen 【Clutch housing】
Porosity level l; New structure of two-stage cylinder; All features formed by the mold.
5G Communication | Huawei【Communication Shell】
Large thin-walled aluminum die-casting; Blade forming 0.8mmx80mm; Control the extraction timing and air pressure; Parameterized setting of injection speed and pressure; Uniform cooling and shrinkage inside and outside the casting.
Special Equipment | Conti s. r. 【Explosion-Proof Box】
Oil pressure resistance of 400Kg; With a processing depth of 5mm, zero porosity was achieved, and the mold layout design was optimized five times based on the experience of similar products in a large database. Five samples were tested for pressure without oil leakage, and the explosion-proof requirements met the secondary standards.
Motorcycle | Kawasaki【Engine hood】
Flatness 0.1mm; The maximum length of the plane is 650mm. The deformation coefficient is increased in the opposite direction in the modeling, and the T0 tryout meets the requirements for hole position and product flatness at one time.

Mold Development Process

  • Offer/Order
  • Product Optimization/
    Mold Plan
  • Mold Flow Analysis
  • Mold 3D Modeling
  • Mold Handover
  • Mold Tryout
  • Mold Manufacture
  • Material/Accessory Procurement
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